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Same rules apply?

I'm terribly sorry but this review was written in English, not in Hungarian. It is part of one of my courses at university, and, naturally, I'd like to share my text here. In spite of that fact, I hope you will read and enjoy my review of Filth

A new English thriller, Filth (2013) by Jon S. Braid, could be the worthy follower in the history of adaptations of Irvine Welsh’s novels. Epoch-making? Maybe, but not for everyone.

Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) a corrupt, pervert, drug addict policeman is close to his promotion: he only needs to solve the case of a brutal murder. To reach his aim, Bruce is capable of doing anything: putting others into shame, screw his best friend, and sleep with his fellow worker’s wife to make success impossible to other “competitors.” Although Bruce is trying to solve the case (besides he works in a “filthy” way), he has to face his mental problems which seem to be overwhelming him.

A new Trainspotting? No, Filth is different from Irvine Welsh’s other story. Braid’s film is not for the wider audience, only for a particular group of people. The factors of comedy (especially, black humour) are not for everyone. Therefore so many cinema fans could not see the humane Bruce under the filthy surface, the reasons of his behaviour. Otherwise, after the continuously shocking grim humour, it is an enjoyable piece of work. By the typical Scottish extracts (e.g. accent, irony about their own nation), there are some rather conventional but spectacular scenes of drug visions, more and more roguish scams (which could not work without James McAvoy’s acting), and lastly the fragility of man. These three themes do not appear together, in general; that is why the film is outstanding. However, it lacks the possibility of further considerations which Trainspotting has – Filth is more of a personal drama than covert speculation on social and personal problems (but it does not avoid making some snide remarks on society).

If you want to join this personal drama-like trip, choose indignation, choose black humour, choose Filth

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